Covid-19 Update

Following the direction of health authorities at Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), and the World Health Organization (WHO), we are providing our locally owned stores guidance on keeping customers and staff healthy and safe in response to COVID-19. Click here for details on your location

Sell Clothes (And More) To
Style Encore

Style Encore offers clothes, cash, and confidence. With up to 90% off regular retail prices and the chance for cash on the spot when you sell to us, you get the opportunity to shop and save. Our stores are full of like new gently used, women's clothes, shoes, and accessories for way less than retail prices. Each and every piece comes from women just like you who sell to us for cash on the spot.

No. 1

Bring in your stylish, gently used clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories.

No. 2

We'll select pieces that fit our store's current needs and styles while you shop.

No. 3

We'll make you an offer on the selected items, and you'll go home with cash!

How To Sell To Style Encore

Designed by Women for Women

Selling is easy at Style Encore. We buy all seasons all day every day. Whether you’re looking to refresh your style, update your look, or change with the season, the process starts in your closet. Go through and take out those next to new, trendy or timeless clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories and bring them into one of our stores to sell. There’s no appointment necessary! We’ll look through what you’ve brought in, selecting pieces that are current styles, in next to new condition, and will sell well in our stores. While we are looking through your pieces, you can shop our store of exclusively handpicked items from women just like you. When we’re done, we’ll make you an offer on the items we’ve chosen, and you'll walk out that same day with cash and confidence.