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Making a Case for the Midi Dress

March 9, 2020

The “midi” length, whether in the form of a skirt or a dress, always confused me until a couple of years ago. There were floor-grazing maxis or thigh-skimming minis and nothing really in between that I found flattering, beyond a knee-length pencil skirt. But if you ask me, Mad Men reinvigorated the trend for this generation by bringing 60s-inspired looks into everyday wear. The characters made the fashion world realize that you can still be spicy, even while wearing a more modest length. 

Working in a corporate office, the pieces I want to pull out of my closet every day are my long-sleeve, midi-length shirt dresses. I have some in plaid, floral, and animal print, and they are truly about as comfortable as it gets. I love wearing them with the sleeves scrunched up to my elbows and a pair of color-coordinating tennis shoes or low heels. Once you pick out a couple of dress options to try on at Style Encore, keep their color palette in mind when you head to look at the handbags or gently used footwear. I love the look of pink shoes with a red or rust-toned dress, or even cloudy blue sneakers with a grey or green printed dress. 

Within the midi-length range, you can also find dozens of silhouettes and styles. There are dresses with floaty chiffon skirts or midi-length sweater dresses that are form-fitting with a turtleneck. Flowier pieces tend to feel a little more playful, while the straight or bodycon dresses sit closer to the edgy side. Keep this in mind when you’re looking at the colors too. The flowy dresses in neutrals or black will tone down the playfulness, while a bodycon or sweater piece in a pastel peach or lively red will balance out its edginess. 

And finally, midi-dresses offer a practicality that you just can’t find with any other dress length. In cooler weather, they give you a little more warmth and cover; you can cross your legs whenever and however you want without worrying about your skirt riding up or wearing a pair of shorts underneath. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the hem dragging along the ground or getting dirty. Whether you spend your secondhand shopping trip looking for short-sleeve, long-sleeve, flowing or form-fitting, the right mid-length dress is out there for you … and probably waiting at Style Encore!

Blog By: Chelsea Lankford | @truelane

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